June 2008 Edit

New Logo! Edit

JoePlay Made us a new logo!
by Fou-Lu on Thursday, June 19th at 17:01 (UTC)

Created Many Copyright Templates Edit

I just created all of the necessary copyright templates, at least, for now, until the wiki expands (If it ever does.)
by Fou-Lu on Monday, June 2nd at 15:18 (UTC)

Fixed the time of {{News}} Edit

With a compromise, you have to manually enter the time and date
by Fou-Lu on Sunday, June 1st at 15:37 (UTC)

New User Edit

Well, I don't believe it, we have a New User!
by Fou-Lu on Sunday, June 1st at 13:54 (UTC)

Started the Site News Page Edit

Yeah, Box needs fixing with the time, ugh
by Fou-Lu on Sunday, June 1st at 13:55 (UTC)

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